About Mary Chasin

A long time ago, armed with a camera and an MBA, I set out to build "something". Before I figured out what that looked like, I found myself in a corporate world of Human Resources and Organizational Development. It was a pretty interesting place; I stayed for over twenty years. And learned a lot. Then one day I began to think about how to use all of my professional and life experience differently to create something meaningful and positive. That reflection led to a book, and the book led to this blog. I hope you enjoy visiting and will share your own comments and insights.

Education in Crisis

There is a serious problem in our education system, and it is not getting better. Government funding cuts to education are growing, causing colleges to cut entire programs, increasing student loan debt, threatening grants that enable lower income students to obtain a higher education, and perhaps lowering our global competitiveness. At the same time, college graduates ...

Mixed Messages

I understand the difficulty of finding the "right" person for an opening. I really do. But this makes my hair stand on end. Are they looking under rocks? Shortage of "top" talent. http://www.cgma.org/magazine/news/pages/20125352.aspx Maybe they should talk to these companies - or check this blog. Eight companies announce plans to lay off 70,000. http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2012/news/economy/1205/gallery.job-killing-companies/index.html?iid=EL Would love your comments.

Mr. Mayor

Jim delights in bringing people together and creating positive energy. If you search online, you can find another photo of Jim, taken at the Metrodome Rollerdome, proudly displaying his blazing yellow Starburst Man t-shirt. He has been unofficially dubbed “Mayor of the Dome” in recognition of his untiring efforts to keep the rollerdome open at ...