Education in Crisis

There is a serious problem in our education system, and it is not getting better. Government funding cuts to education are growing, causing colleges to cut entire programs, increasing student loan debt, threatening grants that enable lower income students to obtain a higher education, and perhaps lowering our global competitiveness.

At the same time, college graduates are having a harder time than ever finding jobs. As the cost of education increases, its economic value is declining. Graduates are saddled with impossible debt while working in low wage jobs or not at all. At the same time, workers who are only qualified for these entry jobs, are being shut out by the influx of college graduates.

I don’t propose an easy fix to this situation, but I do want to draw attention to it. The next profile or two that will be posted here will highlight individuals who have been impacted by the problem.

Links to recent press coverage of the topic are below. As always, I encourage your comments and insights here.




3 thoughts on “Education in Crisis

  1. These are certainly critical issues. I have 2 children who are repaying college loans. The other part of this crisis is how our educators are being valued – or not. When I hear about substitute teachers making $9.50 an hour or a college professor making 25% less than a digital marketing specialist, I have to think there is something wrong. our values are clearly in the wrong place! I just wish I had an answer for it. Looking forward to reading your next profiles.

  2. I agree – this is a crisis. The business community needs to get involved in getting funding for education restored so that there will be an appropriately trained workforce available in the near future.

  3. As a soon-to-be college grad with $25k in loans incurred while attending the U, I can’t tell you how motivating yet frightening the student loan bubble is for me and other Millennials. Thank God for hope–it trumps my fears.

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