Mixed Messages

I understand the difficulty of finding the “right” person for an opening. I really do. But this makes my hair stand on end.

Are they looking under rocks? Shortage of “top” talent.


Maybe they should talk to these companies – or check this blog. Eight companies announce plans to lay off 70,000.


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3 thoughts on “Mixed Messages

  1. Issue 1160/1161 – July 5 of Rolling Stone has an article by Matt Tiabbi about industry wide fraud re: muni bonds that affects every community and jobs. Angry making article.

    This is followed by an article about former middle class families, now homeless and living out of their cars. Truly heartbreaking. This is the new class of society we have created.

    Just FYI , thanks.

  2. This is a situation that keeps one scratching one’s head: If there are so many unemployed how come there is such a shortage of labour? I don’t have the statistics, but anecdotally I can tell you about a shortage of even un-skilled labour…The home improvement guy pleading with his employee to come to work so the job can be finished on time…The just-out-of school youngster that keeps changing employments because the grass is always greener…The warehouse manager that must find manual labourers with some computer skills…
    I don’t have answers, just queries…
    By the way, I tried to read the Rolling Stone article. Was a bit over my head. But I got the gist of it: we are all being cheated by greedy financial institutions. Let’s be honest: we created these monsters because we are all a bit greedy…

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