Errol Goes to Boot Camp

Have you ever lain awake at night thinking about how your family depends on you? How would it feel to have to ask for help from others? What would you give up if you had to slash your living expenses? How would you avoid becoming anxious and depressed?

I’d like you to meet Errol. When his employer lost some major contracts in 2009 and made significant staff cuts, Errol found himself unemployed. He couldn’t have imagined his search would last two years. However, with the unwavering support of his wife, he never let go of his optimism, and his family became closer, his faith became stronger, and he experienced the love and generosity of friends. 

From the beginning, Errol and his wife, Dilini, were clear that this would be a shared journey. As they set out together, they resolved that they would not put their life on pause, likening it to a garden that needs to be prepared for spring. The birth of their baby boy during this uncertain time was evidence of their commitment to life and to the future.

Already frugal, they tightened their budget even further to survive financially. Errol found some temporary work in a customer service call center, and Dilini took a part-time job that allowed her to bring their children to work. They avoided feeling trapped by their situation, making it a point to take occasional short driving trips, and maintaining a small monthly personal budget for treats—maybe a Daddy-Daughter ice cream date, or a box of chocolates. They enjoyed parks, libraries, and a host of other free activities for children and families.

Throughout, Errol remained focused and productive, actively participating in networking groups across the Twin Cities, working on his personal strengths and development needs, and adding technical expertise by training in Scale Up and AutoCAD and earning his Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Master Certificate. Does this remind you a little of boot camp? I keep picturing getting up before dawn, spending the day on forced marches and kp duty, and collapsing at sunset–toughening up for the brutal and exhausting employment wars.

His professional track record is strong. Errol brings a disciplined problem solving methodology to his work as a chemical engineer committed to his employer’s success. When Errol was employed, under his technical leadership, a new product generated $1.2 million in first year new sales. At a different company, a manufacturing process he scaled up improved sales revenue by 250%. Errol has always delivered results.

Errol’s long search ended when he landed “the best job I ever had.” His new position with a successful, growing company offered a promotion, a higher salary, and the opportunity to learn an industry that was his number one target. As he completes his first year in his new job, Errol remains excited about the company and his work and has already been recognized for increasing profits by over three times his annual salary.

Errol will tell you he is a very blessed man.

2 thoughts on “Errol Goes to Boot Camp

  1. What an inspirational story! Congrats Errol for focusing on what’s important and moving forward no matter your circumstances. I also commend his wife for her support as some people break apart under financial stress. God bless you both!

  2. What an inspiring story. Persiverience pays off. My son finally started working too. It’s a struggle for sure but this story is encouraging for me as a family member standing by and watching, helping when I can.

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