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Is there anything positive about unemployment? If there is, I haven’t found it. But you can find a lot positive about the unemployed. You will see some of it here.

This is a blog about individuals, real people, who have found themselves facing a job loss and travelling a long road back to work. Some have been hired by smart employers, some have changed their direction entirely, and some are still in pursuit of their goal. This blog is a glimpse of each person’s journey, their courage, disappointments and triumphs. It is about their career experience and successes as well as their lives beyond work, their values, families, and personal achievements.

The issue of intractable unemployment is not confined to any particular demographic. Although baby boomers are particularly vulnerable, you will see the broad span of age groups, professions, races and ethnic backgrounds that comprise this group. One thing everyone here has in common is talent. Another is determination.

I do not intend, at least for now, to address the tremendous costs to society and the economy of our failure to fix the problem of unemployment (and underemployment). But I will say that there is something wrong when talented, motivated people have to spend a year or even longer searching for jobs. Especially in a business environment with an acknowledged talent shortage and leaders concerned about their talent pipeline. What’s broken? That’s a topic for later, but I welcome your thoughts any time.

I hope that you will provide your insights and experiences here, that you will return to read about some of the great people who have an unflagging will to work, and that you will share this blog with others.

It is my belief that the world changes one person at a time. Each of us has a responsibility. It might be a lifelong dedication or a few moments of positive action each day. I encourage you to embrace the opportunity.

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